The Parish of St Cuthbert with St Aidan, Durham

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  • 7- 8.30 Belmont Ladies Choir rehearsal

    PAulinre See Thursday 14th for details
  • C & A pew sheet 19th November 2017

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  • C &A pew sheet 12th November 2017

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  • funeral rehearsal

    Pat Rowley
  • 10- 12 MU Deanery meeting
  • 12.45 Military funeral

    Pat Rowley

    Friday November 17th   St Cuthbert’s Church, North End. Open to passers-by between 4pm-8pm.  Come and enjoy warm welcome and free refreshments.  Saturday November 18th Parish Hall, Front Street, Framwellgate Moor. Afternoon Tea and Talk “The history of Framwellgate Moor” by Peter Dawson. Parish Hall 4pm Front Street Framwellgate Moor Tickets available from church wardens £5.00.  Sunday November 19th St Aidan's Church, Front Street, Framwellgate Moor.  “Service of Light” 4pm.  In this short service of prayer and remembrance, candles will be lit and names read out of those we wish to remember.
  • C & A pew sheet 5th November 2017

    pew sheet
  • Women's Gala

    On Sat, Oct 21, 2017 at 6:13 PM, SUSAN EGGLESTONE wrote: Caroline and Fiona, I am a member of the steering committee for a proposed Women's Gala next year, Sunday July 15th 2018 which is the day after the Miners' Gala.  Something else to keep me busy in my retirement!   It is proposed that the event will be held in Wharton Park on the Sunday afternoon and will be an alcohol free, family friendly celebration of the centenary of initial women's suffrage as well as the role of women today!  We are hoping to have some high profile speakers as well as music and games.  Traditionally a Women's Gala was held in the park the day after the main Gala until the 1970s. Although the event will be somewhat political in nature I am the non-political member of the steering committee, which also includes Marion Wilson, Roberta Blackman-Woods and Vera Baird.  The chair is a young local councillor who happens to be a former pupil of mine.   We wondered if the event might conclude with a service of celebration in St Cuthbert's at the end of the afternoon?  We are just at the beginning of the planning and fundraising stage but I wondered what your initial thoughts were?   Many thanks, Susan
  • C & A pew sheet 29th October 2017

    pew sheet
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