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APCM 2019

The APCM will take place in the Parish Hall, Front Street, Framwellgate Moor, at 7pm on Monday April 8th 2019. The APCM is actually made up of two meetings. The first is the Vestry Meeting.

Vestry Meeting:
Anyone who lives in the parish or is a member of the Electoral Roll can attend this meeting and vote.
There is only one item on the agenda and that is the election of the Churchwardens.
In our parish we have four Churchwardens, two based at St. Cuthbert's and two based at St. Aidan's, so elections for four posts will be held. Nominations using the appropriate form (available from each church or the Parish Office) should be completed and given to the Vicar, Fiona Collin (who chairs the Vesrty meeting) in advance of the meeting.
Once the Churchwardens are appointed the meeting ends, it is then followed immediately by

Only those who are members of the Electoral Roll can attend and vote at this meeting.
The meeting receives reports from the Team Rector, Vicar, PCC Treasurer and elects the PCC (Parochial Church Council) for the coming year.
A formal agenda and report for 2018 will be added to this article in advance of the meeting to provide information for parishioners.
APCM 2019
The APCM (Annual Parochial Church Meeting) will take place on Monday 8th April at 7pm in the Parish Hall.