The Parish of St Cuthbert with St Aidan, Durham

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"Why come to Church?"

Because in our community there are some great people who would love to meet you.

Because all the standing and sitting between hymns counts as exercise.

Because singing is good for the soul. 

Because the building is historic, beautiful and a sacred space to ponder life's big questions.

Because when we gather together we can make a difference.

Because there is always demand for baptisms, weddings and funerals, we need folks week by week to help make that possible.

Because it’s good to consider  ‘what can I give?’ rather than ‘what can I gain?’

Because you will be introduced to Jesus and that relationship will transform your life.

Because you will be more than welcome.


"Follow the Star-Come as you are" 

 Reverend Fiona

"Why come to Church?"
Some thoughts to consider about coming to church.....
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